Tyler Arntz


(in progress - June 2023)

Brief Work History

Business Owner / Tutor – Virtual ChemTutor

Online / January 2019 - Current

Teaching Assistant / Research Assistant

Akron UniversityAugust 2023 – Current

Academic Tutor / Lab Assistant

Stark State College / Online /  July 2017 – Current

Lab Assistant

University of Akron, Akron, OH / March 2016 – May 2017

Education History

PhD Candidate – Chemistry – Analytical (Mass Spectrometry)

University of Akron / In Progress

Bachelor of Science – Chemistry – Polymer Option

University of Akron / May 2017

Associates of Applied Business - Accounting

Stark State College / In Progress

Associates of Chemistry

Associates of General Science

Stark State College / May 2015

Relevant Courses

Undergraduate Research

This is a compilation of the work I was able to participate in at The University of Akron Mass Spectrometry lab. I worked as a undergrad with a graduate student, Nick A. under Dr. Chrys Wesdemiotis. Nick was analyzing industrial samples of the non-ionic surfactant - polyglycerol, when I joined. He had me analyze samples myself, interpret raw data, perform molecular dynamic calculations, and draw conclusions about the samples. A summary of the mentioned list is below. This project was a large part of his dissertation. - A big thank you to Nick and Dr. Wesdemiotis 

Research Summary Presentation

This presentation was my final summary of my undergraduate research. I was not only lucky enough to work in a state-of-the art Mass Spectrometry Lab, I was also able to work with some great researchers too. A big thank you to Chrys Wesdemiotis at The University of Akron for allowing me to work in his wonderful lab. 

While scrolling through this presentation, you will be introduced to the primary concern of the research - To successfully characterize (by size and shape) the polymer polyglycerol using Mass Spectrometry Techniques such as: 

Undergraduate Research Poster

ACS 2016 Presentation

This was presented at the 2016 American Chemical Society Convention in Philadelphia.  The presentation was complied primarily by Nicholas Alexander (the graduate student I worked under) and I was able to contribute and edit.  Nick gave an oral presentation at the ACS Convention mentioned above.


Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP)

Microscopy Society of Northeastern Ohio (MSNO)

2016 MSNO Conference

I was awarded 2nd place in the poster competition, see the attached pdf - Click an image.

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