Who we are

 Hello! My name is Tyler and my company is Virtual ChemTutor . I decided to found this company in January 2019 to bridge the gap between affordable online tutoring and well-paid tutors.  Check out more about me: here

After graduating with my BS Chemistry, I pursued a job in academia and realized how many students utilize tutoring if offered. That then led me to check out how much a private tutor costs and I was stunned. I found that if working for a company, tutors make low wages and students pay very high prices. Whether you're a parent or a college student yourself, struggling with education happens and should not be punished with high prices - I strive to make the online tutoring experience just as effective as receiving in-person tutoring.

I am equipped with a digital drawing pad, allowing me to write directly on your materials that you provide and then give you the annotated document after the tutoring session. This makes homework help a breeze; you do not have to worry about scribbles on a whiteboard with a mouse! Not only do you get help with your homework, you get a detailed explanation and walk-through of how to correctly solve the problems. Screensharing and recording of sessions is also available and easy to use!

All students are welcome from middle school up through college level! Please feel free to contact us for more information and a free trial session! We have different options and packages available as well. Please bear with us while our website is under (re)construction.

Thanks for viewing!